With a surname like Pixelford, it was Simon’s destiny to become a photographer. From the age of four, Simon was fixated on his father’s camera and the photos in his mother’s fashion magazines. At the age of 12, he shot his first award-winning photograph – a silhouetted image of New York City commuter legs at sunset – taking home the grand prize in the Manhattan Youth Art Festival. From that moment on, nothing Simon captured through the lens was ordinary.  Simon entered a succession of contests through grade school and high school and continued to shine as a lifestyle-photographer-in-the-making.

Backlit sunset
Simon’s first award winning image

As a freshman fine arts student at New York University, Simon was awarded the prestigious “Photo Gold” scholarship, securing the full tuition for his remaining undergraduate years. He then went on to complete his MFA at the Roux Academy of Art, Media, and Design, where today he is a respected and beloved professor of photography and digital arts. What makes Simon such a successful instructor is his continued passion for the art of photography, and his extensive knowledge of the business of photography – gained through his many years working as a professional photographer through Pixelford Photography.

Simon Pixelford of Pixelford Photography, New York
Simon Pixelford in his natural element

Simon’s thriving photography studio, headquartered in New York City’s vibrant East Village, is a hub for many talented photographers who serve internships under Simon, with hopes of advancing to highly coveted staff photographer positions. The team approach allows Pixelford Photography to offer a wide range of photography services to the community, at affordable rates. Simon’s accomplished photographers specialize in family, baby, wedding, and engagement portrait assignments – while also working on a large number of commercial projects in the travel, lifestyle, and fashion photography genres.