Brooklyn Bridge – One Bridge, So Many Options

Brooklyn Bridge in the fog by Pixelford Photography, New York

The Brooklyn Bridge has become an international icon, having been featured in so many films and photographs. Whether photographing this extraordinary manmade structure from a distance, photographing the Manhattan skyline while standing on the Brooklyn Bridge, or photographing portrait subjects in the vicinity of the bridge, there’s a wealth of variety in considering just this one location. Take a look at the various photos our team has shot, and you’ll see why this famous suspension bridge has a face for all seasons.

Black & White

Brooklyn Bridge in Black and White by Pixelford Photography, New York
Brooklyn Bridge seen from Brooklyn Heights district

The Brooklyn Bridge looks so clean and pristine in black and white.

Teenage Rebellion

Teenagers in front of Brooklyn Bridge  by Pixelford Photography, New York

Note how “rough and tumble” the same view of the bridge looks when paired with teen attitude.

Blur of Activity

People on Brooklyn Bridge by Pixelford Photography, New York
Slow shutter speeds can add some action to an otherwise ordinary shot

The Brooklyn Bridge is seen here as an important part of the transportation system – bringing people to and from their destinations, in a blur of activity.

Color & Sparkle

HDR photograp of Brooklyn Bridge and downtown Manhattan by Pixelford Photography, New York
HDR lends an supernatural feel to photos. Just make sure to not overdo it.

When not focused on being a main transportation artery, the Brooklyn Bridge is a model of color and sparkle that dons its most popular face in the evening.

Wedding Walk

Wedding couple on the Brooklyn Bridge by Pixelford Photography, New York
To get a shot with few people try arranging a shoot for early morning

This couple is literally taking a big step in cementing their nuptials.