The Authentic Charm of Coney Island

Two women eating lollipops on Coney Island by Pixelford Photography, New York

Coney Island has it all.  Rich textures, vibrant color, and interesting people dot the landscape of this famous boardwalk community in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Every type of conceivable photography can be accomplished in this one location, from showcasing the serenity of nature in this sunset shot, to freezing the adventures of childhood in time, to capturing the eerie calm of the boardwalk after all it’s inhabitants have gone to bed. There’s also some of the best people watching around, such as the “Lollipop Girls” enjoying the fun antics of youth, this couple falling in love over cotton candy, and locals devouring famous Coney Island hot dogs. And, just when you think you’d seen everything that Coney Island has to offer, you stumble upon a fairytale mermaid on the beach… or did you? Certainly your photos would never tell a lie.